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Designed from the ground up

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Purely digital, get on board in 8 minutes

Register to the banqUP service in order to explore a new fintech banking experience for business. Comfortably open your banqUP business account online within eight minutes using our integrated online KYC and KYB process with absolutely no paperwork involved. Invite your accountant or team members directly from the onboarding wizard and connect to your favourite business apps.

Customised user experience

Every small business is different,so why should you use the same digital banking? banqUP is customisable – answer simple onboarding questions and get customised features and personalised user experience. Stay organised with the help of tags customisable according to your preference and get your work done easier and faster.


banqUP smart analytics analyses every single transaction in order to help optimise your business.  Connect your business apps and get detailed business IQ that helps your business grow. We also provide you with predefined widgets in order to help you get a better insight.

Banking and fintech services in one place

banqUP integrates business banking with services you use every day. We are partnering with fintech services to improve efficiency and give you access in one place. FX, transfers, lending products, accounting, trade data…..and more feature are being added every month