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Let banqUP simplify your financials

Let’s imagine a company, small office, team of great people delivering best
of class solutions or services to your clients.

As an SME, you face several obstacles in your day-to-day activities such as completing tasks on time, managing your cashflow in order to use your income
in the most efficient way.

Sounds familiar?

See our simple banking solutions to make your company financials and control easier.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions
Administrative forms and contact in bank branch takes a lot of my time during important office hours
Open a bank account in the comfort of your office or home within the same time as preparing a good coffee
I need to collect all the invoices and bills, and remember to provide them all to my accountant. Additionally they are all in paper and it is difficult to organise them electronically
Delegate tasks to your team mates consisting of collecting financial documents and keeping an eye on project spending budget. Use OCR services to keep all documents electronically
I receive my tax information with delay and the amount is almost always not a good surprise
Add your accountant to financial plans information, look at your taxes estimation
Again, applying for a card for my employee or team mate requires us both to visit bank branch
If anyone in your company needs a pay card just simply click to order one
On busy days, I don’t have time to think about the big picture of my company
Control and plan your financials with cashflow widget
During all busy day, I don’t have time to think about big picture of my company
Depending on your sell model you can choose one of SaaS, POS or B2B widget to track your sale KPIs

You can adapt it by empowering with additional features read more…

Check it out for yourself!