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PSD2Hub as one clean API interface

The PSDS2Hub solution supports both access to accounts and financial data retrieval (AIS) as well as payment initiation (PIS) processes. Through a clean, standardized API, you can connect to a wide range of financial services from different providers. The solution is available both in the SaaS version and as an installation on the indicated infrastructure.

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PSD2Hub is a significant added value for TPP (including Banks) who create applications and products for their clients. Thanks to the use of built-in analytical tools PSD2Hub enables better understanding of the client and offering additional services adapted to the context: debt verification, calculation of metrics, support of credit processes, etc.

How PSD2 Hub works

From an architectural perspective, PSD2Hub is a layer of abstraction on many different ASPSP APIs. Its main goal is to provide TPP (client) developers with a unified, unified implementation point, regardless of the specificity of lower-order interfaces offered by ASPSP (mainly APIs, but also robots or reverse engineering).

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Benefits of using PSD2 Hub
  • One safe interface to many banks
  • Reduction of workload when adding new data sources
  • Providing TPP access to payment service providers as part of one integration in the EU
  • Minimize the time to enter the market so that from the very beginning TPP could compete on a larger market
  • Access to the FinTech ecosystem to speed up establishing relationships
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