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Small Points Of Sale

Let banqUP simplify your financials

Your business is doing well. You can see that some of your clients visit you regularly for their favourite items, while the rest jump in being enchanted by
a unique mood.

You are thinking about building on this success, scale up and extend your sales…

Sounds familiar?

See our simple banking solutions to make your company financials and control easier

Your Challenges, Our Solutions
Administrative forms and contact in bank branch takes a lot of my time during important working hours
Open a bank account in the comfort of your office or home within the same time as preparing a good coffee.
I don’t have many documents but they are in paper, electronically – it is hard to keep them all. During the day, I have only my phone with me
Use mobile app to gather all documents electronically, OCR services will save your time when preparing payments
I receive my tax information with delay and the amount is almost always not a good surprise
Add your accountant to financial plans information, look at your taxes estimation
My clients like to make payments in more than the traditional way, I'm not so tech savvy to setup these new payment methods
Use our marketplace to choose the best FinTech apps to collect money, surprise your customers with advanced, quick and smooth payments
I control my financial in a file, I need to remember all details and update it continuously. Especially when controlling all delayed payments
Control and plan your financials with cashflow widget
On busy days, I don’t have time to think about the big picture of my company
You can choose KPI widget to track your sale and daily/monthly trends. Based on it you can even reward your best clients

You can adapt it by empowering with additional features read more…

Check it out for yourself!