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is hosted in the cloud, allowing developers to easily experiment with the infrastructure they need to fully test and implement fintech products.



Effortless connectivity

Connect your product to a single API for instant Open Banking data and payments initiation across many institutions.


Secure Architecture

Our secure architecture enables strong authentication, auditing and monitoring capabilities to facilitate bank-grade connection security.



Receive real-time data feeds only through securely authorized bank API channels, not by screen scraping sensitive customer data.


Comprehensive Toolkit

Elegant, self-start onboarding enables developers to register their apps, obtain keys, upload certificates and adopt live bank integrations efficiently.


Scalable Infrastructure

Whether you are a small fintech innovator or giant brand-sensitive enterprise, use our high-performance, auto-scalable API infrastructure to scale quickly


Normalized Data

Aggregate data from multiple bank API endpoints and access it in “ready-to-use” format for customer KYC verification, as well as account, balance and transaction information.


Proactive Monitoring

The APIHub API monitoring tool is an industry exclusive. By delivering updates on bank APIs, we preempt disruption and reduce uncertainty to enrich your end users’ experience.


Headquarter in Belgium
Proudly developed in Poland




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BanqUP is an API-driven platform for open banking solutions, allowing for banks and fintech companies to access a number of European banking APIs.
BanqUP helps TPPs and banks quickly access open banking ecosystem and analyze banking data, allowing them to create bold and innovative solutions, as well as cross-sell and up-sell their existing product.

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