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We bring open-banking and data analytics together on one single platform

Open banking opens the way to new products and services that could help customers and small to medium-sized businesses get a better deal. It could also give more detailed understanding of your customers data by using smart analytics.


We know that small business owners are extremely busy individuals

banqUP works for your, supporting you even when you are away from your keyboard. Working in the background 24 hours a day, analyzing data, always ready to alert you in case there is something that needs to be taken care of.

You can choose a channel and various types of notifications, including daily summaries: at the start of the day – what to expect (e.g payment from the customer, your current cash position, or the expected status for the end of the month) as well as EOB summary (what happened during the day, action points for tomorrow- e.g. call your customer to collect due receivables).



Marketplace with competitive lending, credit, and insurance

banqUP is a comfortable ecosystem of services with seamless integration allowing SME to easily use data from one service inside another and enjoy the benefits from their joint use.



Enables seamless integration with other business services

The banqUP API is designed to be a predictable and intuitive interface for interacting with users’ accounts. We offer both a REST API and webhooks.

Our developers’ community in Slack is the place to get help with our API, discuss ideas, and show off what you build.

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Finovate Alumni

Finovate was indisputably an important milestone in our development. The positive feedback on our demo was great which is a huge recognition for us, especially taking into consideration the rank of the event and banking experts in the audience. It motivates us to work harder in order to establish the best banking platform for SMEs on the market and disrupt the banking in this segment.

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